Meet Lena

IMG_1629Hi, I’m Lena (Leh-nuh). I’m a city-dwelling, twenty-something, Hispanic American cisgendered feminist woman that loves comic books, 1950’s musicals, and science.

Despite having spent much of my academic career researching primate sexuality, many aspects of my own sexuality were (and still are) a mystery to me. I heard accounts of orgasms, but I had never experienced one alone or with partners. I settled for mediocre sex because I thought there was something wrong with me. For as long as I could remember I had been at war with my body. Sexual pleasure was just another thing my body wasn’t good enough for.

Years went by before I finally revisited this issue. Didn’t I deserve some pleasure, too? Wasn’t there anything I could do? I started For Sploosh’s Sake! in honor of my journey toward sexual discovery and self-love. I’ve since had many beautiful orgasms and become a member of a wonderfully sex-positive blogging community. I learn more about my body and pleasure with each day that passes. I am also learning to forgive myself for not always providing it with the care and pleasure it deserves.

My blog will feature personal essays marking my progress toward body and sex positivity as well as responses to common sociocultural assumptions and prejudices related to physical appearance and/or sexuality. For fun, I’ll review sex toys and relevant sexual wellness products because hey, you should probably buy a vibrator and you definitely need more lube.

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Lena C.